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My February 2019 Market Update

Well, in a nutshell – It sprints, it rises up, it stumbles down, it takes a break, sometimes it’s out of breath, reacting to the day’s events and news, so it’s emotional and fragile. It’s fascinating to watch it respond to way to much ‘news’ and not enough true knowledge.

Market High Points

Interest rates climbed most of 2018, from 4% up to 5.5%, then back down to around 4.75%. (To quote mortgage lenders, “a one per cent rise in the home interest rate knocks over 1 million buyers out of the U.S. market”).  Good news, could be Great news, if it continues to slide back!!!!

 Our Oakdale inventory of homes for sale, has averaged about 102 resale homes on the market at any one point in time, in the 95361 zip code. There are 3 active subdivisions, with about 10 homes on the market. It’s been this way for several years. Stable

 Maximum loan limits for FHA are up to $350,000, VA and Conventional loans climbed to $485,000!  USDA loans were extended for the Oakdale area. USDA is an income based loan, with 100% financing NO MONEY down.  Great news, Again!!!!  Very popular with entry level buyers up to about $275,000 Max!

New housing starts in 95361, lag way behind our housing needs.  Take a drive around town, do you see any new roads being cut in the dirt? We only have a few pocket subdivisions, Westport (off Crane & West J), the gated River Point (River Ave.), and Tesoro by the golf course. The majority of new homes built in Oakdale, have been on left over subdivision lots from the great recession. Bridle Ridge and The Vineyards are nearly completed. Good news and not so good news. We need more housing!!

 Investors who bought homes (several hundred plus of them) during the recession, 2008 to 2012, are beginning to sell. They are pocketing their profits, or 1031 tax exchanging into something else, and more likely, somewhere else. Good news for buyers, but no so good news for tenants…reduces rental inventory, but helps the availability of homes to buy.

Rental inventory is scarce, and the rents are up, up and away. Recent articles suggest it has peaked, but I am not hearing it that way from tenants or want to be tenants, in Oakdale. Not good news for the renters, Great news for the landlords.

YES, People are moving out of Oakdale, but an equal number are moving in and there is a waiting list!!! Very good news, we are still the Diamond of Stanislaus County, thank you Oakdale Joint Union School District, Oak Valley District Hospital, and the City of Oakdale.

Keep the castle in great shape, it is one of your largest investments, and like 2018, have a very prosperous 2019 ! 

Open House March 16 1pm to 4pm 551 Winterbrook, Oakdale $340,000

Open House   Sat March 16 1pm to 4 pm 

Open Spacious Cathedral Ceilings and all NEW paint (today’s latest color scheme),appliances, sinks, light fixtures and flooring! Totally updated and upgraded. Formal Entry with large Great Room, formal or informal Dining with Kitchen overlooking all the action. Living areas and spacious Master Suite feature lots of windows to make the most of the backyard eastern sunlight. 3 car garage with RV access. Great patio area for play or entertaining. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Click here to see the photos

Staging Your Home Exterior

If you’re selling your home, chances are good you’re familiar with the concept of staging your home. Real estate agents recommend your home look its best to prospective buyers, and home staging is a great way to ensure you receive top dollar.

Did You Know? You never get a 2nd chance to make a great first impression?

Did You Know? If a potential buyer doesn’t even get out of their car, they won’t see the inside of your house?

Curb appeal is a wonderful way to attract buyers to your home, whether your audience is luxury home buyers or you are selling your starter home. If you want to put exterior home staging to work, here are five elements you should consider.

Clean Your Exterior Windows and Screens
  Nothing says poor maintenance like dirty windows and window screens. Put on a set of ‘Buyer Eye Glasses’ and take a look at your windows, screens and doors.  Are they clean and dust free or they are caked with dust or muck from the last rainstorm or our valley agricultural dust? Any open house visitors are going to wonder what other maintenance jobs you haven’t attended to. Don’t give visitors the opportunity to question whether your home has been properly maintained.

Refresh Your Gardens and Walkways
  Just like dirty windows are a real estate faux pas, so are unkempt flower beds. Weeds and overgrown bushes tell visitors you can’t be bothered with the small stuff. Spend a day removing weeds and trimming flowers, or hire a professional landscaper to refresh your gardens. It is amazing what a refreshed garden can do to your home’s curb appeal.

Refresh Your Home’s Siding  
No, you don’t have to replace your home’s siding. A quick power wash could be all it takes to remove years of dust and grime. You can attempt this task yourself, but it might be worth your while to hire a professional. Some homeowners have been known to damage their home’s siding by using too forceful a water stream. This is one task that is often best left to experienced professionals. The last thing you want to deal with is replacing siding before an open house.

Update/Clean Door Fixtures and House Address Signage  
Something as simple as a new doorknob or address signage can give your home a refreshed look. You needn’t spring for a new door; just update the face-plate and/or doorknob. Purchase new address numbers from the local hardware store and you’ll have tweaked the look of your home’s exterior in just a few minutes.

Clean Patio Furniture
  Whether you have chairs on your front veranda or a dining set on your back deck, tired patio furniture can cost you big dollars when it comes time to negotiate with a potential home buyer. Dilapidated patio furniture instantly gives a bad impression. Spruce up your existing furniture with a quick power wash, replace it or simply get rid of it if it is beyond cleaning.

Simple tweaks to the exterior of your home can have a big impact on your home’s final selling price. By spending just a few days improving the look of the outside of your home, you can increase the amount buyers are willing to offer and make your home the cleanest real estate listing in the area.

Did You Know? I’ll cover all of these topics with you when we list your home. With 25+ years of real estate experience, not only will I help you prioritize, I also have a long list of reasonably priced professionals that can help you if you need it.

As Always Keep Your Castle In Great Shape!

5 Tips For Selling Your Home in the Winter

Some people think that winter can be a tough time to attract buyers. Winter buyers are generally VERY motivated and they don’t mind braving the cold and rain to find the home they want or need. Here are some winter real estate facts to keep in mind:

People Like an Orderly Property  
In the winter, all visitors may see is a blanket of leaves. Do your best to keep the driveway, walkways, and patios neatly cleared.

Bright Light Is Cheery
  There’s nothing that makes a house cheerier than sunlight. Wash the windows inside and out so they sparkle. Pull up the blinds and throw back the drapes for some warming illumination. In darker corners and niches where the sun won’t reach, place a lamp and keep it on. You could also use spotlighting to illuminate major features of the kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Warmth Is Comfort
  People coming in from the cold will be pleased to find your home is warm and toasty. As a retreat from the winter cold, your buyers will have more of a reason to feel comfortable and take their time. You might consider lighting a small fire in the fireplace or wood stove to keep things toasty. Try to keep indoor humidity between 40-60 percent to avoid that dry, stuffy feeling. A couple of drops of a cinnamon or clove essential oil on a tissue or in a diffuser can make the whole home feel clean and inviting.

Everyone Appreciates Mood  
Create a cozy feel by adding extra pillows or afghans to the sofa and beds, or some plush throw rugs on the floor. Leave the dining room table set for dinner, along with a champagne bucket and a couple of glasses. Add some extra-fluffy towels or robes in the bathrooms. In short, make everything look comfortable and inviting.

Winter Can Be the Ideal Season  
You’re more likely to get bids faster in the wintertime because you’re dealing with motivated buyers. They need to move, and soon, or they’d be waiting for the balmier temperatures of spring. You may get fewer visitors, but they’ll be serious buyers, not just frivolous house-shoppers. Stage your home well for the season and you may very well sell faster, and for a your asking price.

You always want to keep your home clean and in good repair, but the trick to selling in winter is creating the effect of a warm, sunny retreat from the elements.

As Always Keep Your Castle In Great Shape!

Open House 1025 Durant, Modesto $344,900 Sunday March 10 1pm to 4pm

Beautifully updated & upgraded – 3BD 2BA Great Backyard Gated RV Parking College Avenue Area.  Click here to see the photos and more info. 

The Top 7 Home Maintenance Tips To Save You Money

Homes cost a lot of money to maintain. But are you spending extra money unnecessarily on upkeep? Here are the top 7 most expensive mistakes you could be making in your home.

1. Using Traditional Light Bulbs- 
 If you still have incandescent light bulbs in your home, you could be throwing a lot of money away every month on inflated electric bills. Over its lifespan, an incandescent bulb can use $180 worth of electricity. A CFL will only use $41 worth of electricity over the same time period. Even better is the LED bulb, which only uses $30 per bulb. Think what replacing every light bulb in your home could do to your home’s bottom line.

2. Ignoring a Leaky Faucet
-  A leaky faucet that drips one drop per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year, which is enough water to take more than 180 showers. Some of us live in areas where water is plentiful, but for those of us in areas plagued with drought, this could be costing you a fortune. Fix or replace your leaky faucet and save a ton on your water bill.

3. Using the Wrong  A/C Air Filter Size or Forgetting to Replace Them
-  We all sometimes forget to change out the air filters for our HVAC systems or accidentally buy the wrong size. But using the wrong filter or a dirty filter can increase your power bill and cause expensive problems for your furnace down the road. Use the correct filters for your system. Set a reminder in your calendar to change them after the recommended amount of time, along with a note for the proper filter size, it’s really not one of those things I make a point of remembering off the top of my head 🙂   We also use this same calendar reminder to change the filter on our refrigerator too.

4. Not Customizing Temperature-
  Invest in a customizable thermostat. If you’re away at the office all day, you can program your heater to shift down a few degrees while you’re gone and then shift back up shortly before you return home. Heating or cooling an empty home wastes a lot of money in energy costs.

5.  Not Adjusting Air Vents Properly-  
Is one room in your home hot, while the others are cold? Oftentimes homeowners will crank up the air conditioning in the whole house to combat hot temperatures in just one area. Instead, adjust air vents to direct the flow of air more evenly throughout your entire home. Professionals will come regulate this to ensure that your entire home is receiving the same amount of air conditioning or heating.

6. Over Watering Lawns-  
Many homeowners have their sprinkler systems programmed to come on in the early morning hours for optimum lawn health. This can become a problem, however, if you’re never around to see what you’re actually watering. A broken sprinkler head could be causing a fountain, or the trajectory of your sprinkler may be directed at a fence instead of your lawn. Periodically run your sprinklers during the day so you can see how they are performing when you’re not around.  If you are looking for ways to lesson your water bill – check out my blog  Save Water Save $$$.

7. Water Heater Temperature Set Too High-  
Unless you have a tank-less water heater, your water heater is keeping the water in its tank hot 24/7.  If you don’t keep an eye on the temperature as each season changes, you may be paying too much to heat your water. Decrease the temperature in the summer, and bump it back up when winter comes.

As Always Keep Your Castle In Great Shape!

SOLD !!!! 617 Smithwood, Oakdale $288,000 1322SF

SOLD !!!!!!! 617 Smithwood, Oakdale $288,000 1322SF
Terrific open floor plan, no wasted space in this home – inside or out! 3 Bedroom 2 Bath. Thank you Christine Serpa-Neugebauer – great to work with you, Congrats to your Buyers! Thanks to Alisha WordBill Brink and all the gang at Chicago Title.

Thank You ! Lot 2 Lancaster – SOLD !!!!!!!!!! $265,000

Would just like to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Jim & Stacey Carroll and Jeff& Lisa McPhee the buyers and sellers of 12919 Lot2 Lancaster. A gorgeous 2.74 acre custom home site that sold for $265,000! It’s been a pleasure to work with all of you. Now the real fun – design & build begins, I am excited for you and will enjoy watching you create your dream! As always – there’s a big group of people, working behind the scenes to make a real estate purchase a reality. A big THANKS goes out to Jackie Ventimiglia, First American for all of your efforts and follow up! Of course, Jeff McPhee – thanks for the listing, and A LOT of work with the county to make this 3 Lot subdivide a reality!

Boxing Trivia

Who is the only former heavyweight boxing champ to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

Joe Louis