Real Satisfied Client Reviews

“Both times that we have contacted Scott for a home purchase it was because we were in tough situations. The first time we had four small children and our rental home had been sold out from under us. Scott absolutely took care of us and we were in our new home in less than a month, and just a week before we were looking at being homeless.

This most recent time, we unexpectedly had two children join our family. Our four bedroom 1500 square foot home was not working at all. Six children and two adults, things were just too tight. We were already approved for our loan, but not sure if it was the right time to move. So we contacted Scott for his thoughts.

Scott listened to our issues, took one look at the house and the new situation and gave fatherly advice. And that is what I love about him. He is honest, understanding and has a great sense of humor. While working with Scott, I always feel like we are safe. He has experience and knowledge of the area. But mostly, I felt that he genuinely cared about getting our family in a home that would work better for us.

Just four weeks later and we are in a beautiful home, with room to spare and six VERY happy children. “                   Dawn Sweetland-DeAnda

“I met with Scott to see a couple of houses. After seeing two houses, he could see what I liked and disliked and immediately told me about a house I would like. I trusted Scott to understand my needs and wants, and he took me to the house I ultimately purchased. He listens to what a client wants and seeks properties that could potentially be a buyers dream home, like he did with me. Thank you, Scott!”
Muriel Dutch

“Scott Abell did a great job. I’ve known him for quite some time and would definitely use and recommend him to all my friends. He helped me out tremendously!!! Thanks Again”
Brad & Carolyn Buenger

“Scott is the only broker that we will ever use, his knowledge of the area and the CC&R was exceptional”
Jeff & Terry Stockwell

“Great experience all around, timely, thorough, efficient, friendly, available, etc.”

Tom & Jan Day

“Scott’s experience and knowledge of Oakdale area was critical and helped us a lot. His service is outstanding as usual.”
Javier Martinez

“We bought our first house in Oakdale through Scott over 25 years ago. He was tremendously helpful in helping us acquire other houses since and most recently selling our houses. Scott has proven to be a good friend as well as our realtor. We cannot speak highly enough about Scott’s character, professionalism and ability to get the job done.”
Ray & Hope Antasek

Scott, you will always get any referral I may have for someone looking to either buy or sell a home in the Oakdale area. You have always done a great job for Shanna and me.
Roy & Shanna Huber

“We have used him the last two times in selling our home, and he was our first choice both times. He does a great job, and we highly recommend him.”
Barry & Lynda Baxter

“He was knowledgeable and professional which is what we wanted.”
Ken & Robert Holmes

“Scott Abell is a true professional. He has a great understanding of the local market, asked intelligent questions in order to provide information that was critical to our success. He made sure that we knew what was happening when it was happening and most importantly why it was happening. I never felt he was putting less than 100 percent effort into providing great service to us. We may have been successful in our purchase if we had used a different agent but I do not believe it would have felt so effortless on our part. I have already recommended him to a few friends and based on his effort would gladly recommend Him to anyone.”
John & Kris Hunter

“SCOTT knows Oakdale and priced my house right

. SCOTT is a very experienced agent in the area and previously helped my son buy a house.

 SCOTT quickly smoothed out bumps when selling our house with myself and buyers”
Allen and Karen Vanden Berghe

“I have known Scott for over 20 years he knows me well and listens to what my opinions are and takes them seriously. Communication is key.  

We have a specialized communication relationship.  

I have bought and sold many properties with Scott Abell and he is my preferred realtor.”
Julie Willey

“I worked with Scott in the past and felt comfortable knowing of his years living and selling homes in the Oakdale area. I felt Scott had an acquired knowledge of my property history and the surrounding area, which gave him insight that not all other salespeople would have. Scott is pleasant and easy to work with and I felt confident that he would do a great job. The pictures that were taken of our home were outstanding, and I am very satisfied and grateful for how well everything worked out.”
Carolyn Vollrath

Scott and I have worked together on MANY projects, my development projects, and my personal homes and investment properties and has been my realtor for over 20 years. I think that says it all.
Bruce Boese