Meet Scott Abell, Real Estate Agent

The minute you walk into Scott’s comfortable home or office, you’ll notice it. The walls are adorned with intricate paintings. On various tables, you’ll see carvings and statues. In another display case, there are etchings, figurines, and metal sculptures. Every piece in this extensive collection is focused on one important subject: the Stately Eagle.

The Eagle: A Model For Success

Meet Scott Abell. He’s the man behind an incredible eagle collection. Scott’s been collecting every form of this beautiful bird since he was 18. For this dynamic businessman and devoted family man, eagles are the perfect metaphor for his philosophy on life. Scott believes success in life comes from having a keen eye to spot an opportunity and having the drive to keep trying until you reach your goal.

Eagles perfectly embody this idea for Scott. “If you ever watch an eagle fishing over a lake or river,” he says, “you’ll notice they may make 30 or 40 passes until they catch a fish. That’s the formula for success: sharp vision and sheer determination.”

Puzzle Solver

Those who know Scott will tell you he’s driven to succeed. He’s developed a reputation as a puzzle solver and mentor who can think outside the box. He has a knack for finding working solutions to even the most challenging problems he might face.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal,” Scott explains. Scott has used this philosophy throughout his life, including his innovative work in the medical industry, where he helped introduce a revolutionary, more efficient coding system to standardize medical billing information. Scott’s keen business insight and ability to spot solid, innovative solutions have played important roles in fundraising efforts to create more athletic facilities for the youth of the Oakdale.

Perfect Place to Call Home

However, this easy-going, down-to-earth professional will most likely downplay his community volunteering, preferring to point to the contributions of his fellow volunteers. But volunteering is just one of the ways he tries to give back to the wonderful community of Oakdale, an area that has meant so much to Scott, his wife, Belinda, and his family. Scott loves taking in the abundant scenic beauty of the region with family or enjoying an occasional round of golf with close friends.

Lasting Impact

But where Scott makes the biggest difference in his community is helping home buyers and sellers as one of the area’s leading real estate professionals. Scott cherishes the opportunity to create a lasting impact in the lives of others. His passion is finding solutions that help his clients reach their important dreams. Scott says all the time, ” I can’t believe I’ve been selling real estate for over 25 years, every client, every phone call, is an opportunity to make a difference. I enjoy it now as much as I enjoyed it when I got started.”

Success Through Effort

Scott’s knowledge of the local market, including new construction and ranchettes, is unmatched. His business savvy helps both buyers and sellers maximize the return on their most important investment. He approaches each transaction as if it were his own, tenaciously guarding his clients’ best interests at all times. If you’re ready to make a move, you’ll be glad you called Scott Abell. His credo is Success Through Effort.

Meet Scott’s Team

Belinda Abell is integral to Scott’s real estate business. Working with Scott, her focus is on implementing unique and effective ways to market Scott’s clients’ listings. Having a team member focused on getting exposure for your home sale is a huge advantage that gets proven results! Her credo is Envision Success!